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About Us

Acutek is an automation controls firm that engineers custom solutions to seamlessly integrate mechanical processes with custom software applications and data controls.

Acutek uniquely blends expert knowledge of industry-leading manufacturing processes with an innovative approach to automation integration that offers custom solutions to manufacturers throughout all aspects of the production process.

With more than 100 years of experience throughout the manufacturing and automation industries, Acutek’s team of dedicated experts uncover potential bottlenecks and provide custom solutions for clients to increase overall efficiency and productivity.

For more than 15 years, Acutek has delivered automated solutions to clients in order to monitor, control, and create efficiencies in production output. The same thoughtful, innovative approach is applied to the engineering of custom electrical and mechanical manufacturing equipment, custom application and software development, and data controls and communication equipment.

Throughout every level of involvement, Acutek leverages its deep industry knowledge to identify, prioritize, and provide the right solution for each client. Regardless of the manufacturing process or stage in production, Acutek has the expertise and capabilities to provide solutions and get clients where they need to be.