Acu-Verifier™ Technology

Acu-Verifier™ is a verification technology designed to scan and verify 1D and 2D barcodes.

Precision is paramount to productivity. Acu-Verifier ™ is  a precision system designed to decode and verify multiple cycles of barcode data for an array of manufacturing processes.   This technology ensures movement and tracking for most automated processes by evaluating barcode data against pre-determined, stored values. Acu-Verifier ™ allows for a more accurate measurement of most automated packaging, assembly, and inspection processes by leveraging the ability to decode, measure, and verify data more precisely.

Acu-Verifier™ is a proprietary mix of technology designed to visually inspect key components and data throughout processes to ensure precise verification, reduction of waste, and a more efficient automated system. This technology can be configured for a wide range of applications. Either as an out-of-the-box solution, or a custom design for individual requirements, Acu-Verifier™ can be seamlessly integrated into existing  or new equipment to enhance productivity.

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Key Features

  • On-Board count keeper to record product error & poor scnner reads
  • Full contained supply (only 120v and interface signals required)
  • Programmable number of product errors before shutdown
  • Can be configured for most brands of scanners
  • Can connect to e-stop circuit of any machine
  • 24v inputs to machine index & status signals
  • PC based technology

Key Applications

  • Packaging machines
  • Product assembly machines
  • Shopping carton verfications
  • Material inspection process