Data Monitoring & Control Services In Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky

Accurate and real-time data is essential for a variety of business functions. From conceptualization to implementation to measurement, Acutek delivers custom solutions through every step of the process. Our experienced team of production experts can benefit production and inspection processes with part-presence and vision inspection sensing, pilot variable data production and packaging solutions, and track and maintain inventory with barcode & RFID technology. Acutek manages all aspects of customer data enhancing information and control for your business.

Barcode Consulting

Every company faces unique challenges relative to their barcode or other automatic identification & data collection (AIDC) technology. Whether you're at inception, need to bring your inventory management to the next level, or have specific needs relative to current barcode technology, we can help. Acutek has the resources to offer clients asset tracking and inventory management as well as barcode label software, data collection software, and other unique barcode solutions.

RFID Consulting

Acutek can accurately and efficiently assess needs, identify challenges, and design optimal radio frequency identification (RFID) solutions for your business. Acutek's technological acumen and deep experience in automated production offer unparalleled perspective.

Part-Presence Sensing Consulting

From stand-alone part presence or proximity sensing equipment to the integration of this technology into a complex automated process, Acutek has the experience to address current processes and the foresight to develop custom processes specific to your company's need.

Vision Inspection Consulting

Complicated inspection of your custom products is crucial to efficient output and productivity. Acutek has the experience to integrate the latest vision & sensor technology into your automated process.