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Software Services In Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky

Our Software Services Include .Net Application development, SQL Application Development, Custom Application Development, & OEM/Manufacturing software development

Whether you need development of a custom enterprise solution to keep your team up-to-date or your want to assess and improve your current production process, Acutek can help and specializes in making things happen for businesses in the Greater Cincinnati, Ohio area including Indiana and Kentucky.

Acutek features a team of developers with experience in both manufacturing processes and custom software development. Acutek offers solutions for a myriad of platforms, including: .NET (VB & C++) and SQL application development as well as Industrial ASP, PLC, and HMI capabilities.

Industrial PLC

Let us customize your manufacturing with custom Programable Logic Control (PLC) systems. From simple 2 speed lines to complicated variable speed & multiple checkpoint systems, our experienced can develop custom systems for any length, complexity, or speed.

SQL Application Development

Whether you're looking to optimize your current SQL database, develop custom applications to improve workflow, or upgrade your current database to a more robust & intuitive platform, Acutek can help. Our experienced developers can analyze your current site, identify areas of opportunity, and offer custom solutions in line with your objectives.

VB & C.Net Application Development

Acutek can develop custom Visual Basic (VB) and other appellations on .NET framework. Turn raw data into usable information to measure efficiency, output, or overall effectiveness. Acutek can develop user-friendly a interface with limitless data and applications at your fingertips.

Industrial ASP

Our experienced ASP.Net developers and programers have experience in developing advanced systems with complex business logic and solutions to streamline the processing of large amounts of production, activation, and transaction data. We keep you informed no matter your location.

Industrial HMI

Let Acutek seamlessly integrate your on-site personnel with your automated systems. Our deep experience developing intricate Human Machine Interface (HMI) solutions for complex production lines will offer your company increased control & flexibility to manage your production or packaging line.